Cultivating Sustainable Practices: Integrating Green Chemistry' in the Course of Chemistry and Laboratories Curriculum


  • Seham Ebrahem Mohamed Madi Chemistry Department, Faculty of science, Bani Waleed University, Bani Waleed, Libya مؤلف

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Sustainable Practices, Green chemistry, Chemical Laboratories, Curriculum



integrating green chemistry principles into the chemistry and laboratory curriculum is vital for fostering sustainable practices among future chemists. By incorporating these principles, students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to create environmentally friendly solutions, minimize the use of hazardous substances, and mitigate the environmental impact of chemical processes. Educators play a crucial role in implementing green chemistry practices, ensuring that upcoming generations of chemists are equipped with the necessary tools to tackle global challenges in a sustainable manner

This study aimed to potential Integrating and challenges of the 'Green Chemistry' in the Course of Chemistry and Laboratories Curriculum for fostering sustainable practices.

In order to achieve the study goals, a questionnaire was designed and distributed to 66 Chemistry faculty members and laboratories engineering at Islamic Alsmarya University.

The finding highlights the need for increased focus and emphasis on incorporating green chemistry principles into laboratory settings. By providing opportunities for students to work with green chemistry concepts, they can gain firsthand experience and understanding of the principles and practices involved. This exposure can contribute to shaping their perception of green chemistry and its importance in sustainable and environmentally conscious scientific practices.




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Seham Ebrahem Mohamed Madi. (2024). Cultivating Sustainable Practices: Integrating Green Chemistry’ in the Course of Chemistry and Laboratories Curriculum. المجلة الأفروآسيوية للبحث العلمي (AAJSR), 2(2), 91-102.